Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earth Tones

Most of the baby items in my shop are pastel "baby colors". I never intended it to be that way when I started...I wanted to make things in non traditional baby colors. Well, it didn't turn our that way because I fell in love with a certain cotton yarn that is only available in pastels. This week I decided to try a 50/50 cotton acrylic blend yarn. It feels just like 100% cotton, and this one comes in a variety of colors. So far love it, and have made a baby tassel hat, a pair of booties, and a pair of mittens all in the same brown taupe color. I have found that customers like to have coordinating pieces to choose from. I'll be purchasing some navy blue tomorrow for a custom order, but still have to find chocolate brown. Unfortunately, this particular yarn does not come in that color.

1 comment:

sillie smile said...

i LOVE the earth tones...actually. it's perfect for a second baby girl(one with an older sister)....which if i do have another girl, i will definitely get!! so cute!