Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Our family decorated the Christmas tree this past weekend. I actually left most of the kids' ornaments where they put them, I'm not as fussy as I used to be...once you have children, Christmas really is more for them. The tree is covered in 24 little white mittens I hand knitted 2 years ago. I got the idea from Martha Stewart when she had an "Advent Tree" on her show that had 24 mittens, each with a number counting down to Christmas. I wasn't ambitious enough to knit numbers onto the mitts, but I like them all white. The next year, I crocheted a "scarf" to use as garland. I started making that in June so it would be ready for December. I was far too busy this year to make anything new, but I'm thinking of knitting little caps for next year's tree. Maybe by then my kids will be a bit more adept at knitting and they can make them instead!

We also went to see the man in red on Sunday. We waited over 2 hours, which might explain why the kids look a bit worn out.

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lauraslefthook said...

Your tree is beautiful! I like the idea of the scarf for garland. I have a little garland I crocheted for our small tree that we use in years that we don't stay here for Christmas.

Your kids definitely don't look their friendly selves like they do in your product photos. Waiting can do that.