Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favorite Blog

I'm going to start posting some of my favorite things, hopefully weekly. I'm starting with my daily addiction and favorite blog, Jeff Chalmers' Photo Blog. It's basically a daily puzzle where you study the photo and solve the puzzle. Jeff is a Toronto area broadcaster and photographer, and he started his blog as part of a promotion at a local radio station, but he has continued it on his own. Originally it was just for fun, but Jeff has now started giving away prizes!! In Jeff''s own words, here how he describes it:

"We’re looking for song titles, album titles and lyrics to tunes. The odd time we’ll mix it up and throw in a popular expression, advertising slogan or phrase. You’ll know this stuff.

Every weekday, Jeff uploads an original photograph. The picture holds a clue to the puzzle. With the clues provided by the moderator and by the players over the course of the day, your job is to figure out the ‘phrase that pays’.

Enter your response into the COMMENTS section and check back to see if it’s been posted. Correct responses are held in moderation until the next morning while incorrect ones are posted throughout the day.

The more correct responses you provide, the more entries you have in that week’s draw."

Prizes include music cd's and dvd's and sometimes tickets to local events. I don't play to win, I love the challenge, but I did actually win a cd this week!

Here's an example of one of this week's puzzles. If you can't read the small print here, it's a song word...2008. Can you guess the answer? You're probably going to need some help from Google, there are some great resources on the web. Give up? Click on this link to see the answer.

The group that plays each day is a great bunch of people, we're almost each other's second family. Jeff even organized a Blogger's Bash last in December so we could meet face to face. You can see photos of the Bash on his blog too. Jeff's always looking for more bloggers to join in, so try it out...but I warn you, it's addictive.

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