Saturday, June 11, 2011

Honoring a friend...

The name "Bubblegirl" is explained in my website's About section. Basically, "the bubble" was a glass room I worked in at my former workplace and the women who worked in the bubble were called Bubblegirls. We liked the name, and I even used it on a couple of websites as my user name. I decided to name my business Bubblegirl as a way to tie in my old working life to my new mom/self employed life. Our company was small and we were all like family. Eight years after leaving work, I still get together regularly with a group of friends from work, aka "the girls".

One of the girls, Pam, was the first Bubblegirl. She was so much fun to work with, always laughing and cracking jokes. The last time I saw Pam was in December, 2010 at our annual girls Christmas dinner. She wasn't feeling well, and was thinking of staying of home and missing the dinner that year. Thankfully, she decided to come...little did I know it would the very last time most of us would see her.

Just a few weeks after the dinner, at the end of December, Pam was diagnosed with cancer. Although she was told it was terminal, she didn't let any of us girls know. We were all praying for her and I really thought she would be able to fight it and kick cancer's butt. That's the way Pam was, she was so so strong and didn't take crap from anyone. Unfortunately, cancer ended up winning this time, and Pam lost her battle on April 30, 2011...only 4 months after being diagnosed. Pam left behind a wonderful husband and her beautiful 12 year old son. I can't imagine what they are going through.

Feeling helpless, I decided to make something as tribute to Pam's memory. Now, I am known for making hats, but Pam hated hats and never wore them...she also didn't like scarves. So no hats or scarves...I eventually decided on this tote bag. It's a great for shopping, and is just the right size to fit a laptop. I'm also selling a smaller version for kids. Both bags are decorated with a flower clip that is removable and can also be used on hats, headbands, or alone as a hair clip.

A portion of the proceeds from each bag will be donated to The Canadian Cancer Society in Pam's name.

Large tote $25.00 - $8.00 donation

Small tote $15.00 - $5.00 donation

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