Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

Yes, it's August and my kids have gone back to school already. We have a couple of schools in our area that are on "modified calendar", the kids only get 1 month off in the summer and the rest of their holidays are spread out throughout the year. It's suppossed to make it easier for them when they start back to school because they can remember more from the previous year.

Today is very special because it is my daughter's first day of kindergarten! Here she is....she was so excited.

My son went back to school for one day last week and today he starts back full time. He's in Senior Kindergarten and because they have blended JK/SK classes at our school my kids will be in the same class! They are almost 2 years apart in age but because my son was born in March of 2003, and my daughter was born in December of 2004, they are only 1 year apart in school. I thought since this would be their only chance to be in the same class that I would request it. I guess I'll have to wait and see if that was good idea or not.

So far so good, they both had a good day today...except for the shoe drama. Apparently I bought my little one shoes that are too difficult to put on, even the teacher had a hard time. So as any 3 yr old would do, my daughter came out of the school crying. And, as any mom would do, I went right out and bought her some new shoes....ones she can put on and take off by herself. All is well again!

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lauraslefthook said...

My youngest is a December 2004 baby as well. She is starting preschool next month. My other one is going into first grade. I don't know what it will be like to have some time without kids in the home each week. Let me know how it goes for you....I hope you get lots accomplished.