Monday, August 18, 2008

Etsy Purchases

I know there are alot of blogs that feature Etsy sellers, well I thought I would feature items that I have actually purchased on Etsy. So far I have been extremely happy with everything I've bought. My new obsession has been handmade soaps, and there are so many shops on Etsy to chooose from. If you take a look at my "favorites" on Etsy, a good chunk of them will be soap.

I just finished off this bar of Lemon Grass Apricot Scrub I purchased from Lily Pond Soaps and I loved it.

I've now moved on to this Pure Romance Shea Butter Bar from Anderson Soap Co. and my skin has never felt so soft.

I was so happy to receive this handmade play dough from Do Si Dough last week. I also purchased some in pink so each of my kids could have one in their favorite color. Well, they were a big hit! With all the rain we've been getting here this summer, I really needed some new indoor activities. Even though they have played with the store bought dough before, this was completely different. They sat at the kitchen table with this dough for three hours!! And, of course, they have asked for more.

My latest purchase was for some custom made fabric labels I'm going to sew into my knitted and crocheted items that I have for sale on Etsy. I found them at Mommiemadeit, a terrific shop on Etsy. I couldn't believe how quickly I received a proof of my order. It was ready the day after I made the purchase and was based soley on the message I left in the "message to seller". The design looks exaclty like I wanted it to, with the fonts and colors I requested. And, the labels were shipped out the very next day!! Talk about great service, I can't wait to get them! I'll post photos when they arrive.

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